Apple Shape

Ladies with an apple silhouette will admit that it is not the easiest body shape to dress. however there are quite a number of styles that will work well for this body type as well. An apple shape person tends to have average to large busts and may not have a defined waist. Some women tend to try to cover up this shape with loose fitting garments, which in most cases is not the best solution. It is a much better approach to create a waist  and emphasize in all the right places in order to create the nicest silhouette possible. Creating the illusion of a waist, highlighting the cleavage and creating beautiful vertical lines are a much better road to success. Dresses with a waistline below the bust (empire waist) or at the thinnest point of the body are most flattering, as well as dresses with asymmetrical tops, V-neck dresses that compliment the cleavage or interesting details at the shoulders or sleeves will draw attention to all the right places.

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